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Accessible within half an hour from the city center, Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran offers the cheapest and most convenient ski tours in Iran.
A part of the Alborz Mountain range, and standing majestic to the northern border of Iran's capital, Tochal Mountain is just amazing!
Tehran Grand Bazaar is a labyrinthine complex comprised of thousands of shops selling everything from man's life to chicken milk!
Read about and visit the most famous art galleries in Tehran and get a taste of Iranian styles of art.
Tehran's National Museum of Iran is the biggest and most precious collection of ancient relics from ancient Persia.
A semi active volcano, Mount Damavand is not only the highest peak in the middle east, but also a national symbol of the revolutionary character of Iranians.
Offering a great view of Mount Damavand, Lar National Park in Tehran is one of the most beautiful natural attractions around Iran's capital.
Offering two great museums namely the carpet museum and the museum of contemporary arts, Laleh Park in Tehran is an urban oasis located at the heart of Iran's capital.
Located in the northwest of the city, the Iranian Garden in Tehran is one of the best examples of the way ancient Persian Gardens were laid out.
Golestan Palace in Tehran is the most important and also most interesting historic sight in Iran's capital.
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