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Badab-e Surt Springs

Badab Soort Terraces Springs is the general name given to two mineral hot springs west of Orost village in Mazandaran, Iran. You will find Badab-e Surt south of the capital of Mazandaran province, Sari, on the map of Iran. The constant flow of hot water over the centuries has formed travertine terraces of many magical colors. The colors are the result of the carbonate minerals in the water. There are only a few of these wonders of nature in the world. Badab-e Surt in Iran, Mammoth Hot Springs in the United States and Pamukkale in Turkey are the most famous of these springs. Pamukkale’s ivory white travertine terraces and the Orange Spring Mound in Mammoth Hot Springs are marvelous sights. But Badab-e Surt bewitches the visitors with a unique quality. The abundance of iron carbonate in the water boiling out of one of the springs in Badab Soort has given a striking red hue to the terraces created around it. The panoramic view of the springs is surreal during the sunset when the red of the dying sun flickers and emphasizes the red of the terraces. Badab-e Surt’s weather is mild during the most of spring and summer. But it gets cold during the second half of Iranian year and there is a high level of precipitation during the winter. By booking our Badab-e Surt tours, you treat yourselves to an unforgettable journey in Mazandaran’s spectacular nature. Mother Nature has been the most generous to the expansive lands south of the Caspian Sea. These bountiful lands are divided between three provinces: Mazandaran, Gilan and Gorgan. Masal, the county of clouds in Gilan and the dazzling green forests of Gorgan are the spots you don’t want to miss in the north of Iran. To compete with its neighboring provinces in attracting tourists, Mazandaran never fails to surprise. You will have a peek into the natural wealth of Mazandaran during our tour of Badab-e Surt. The grandeur of the springs aside, you will relish the phenomenal landscapes around Orost village, your residence for the night. While touring Mazandaran, one is overcome by a feeling of absolute serenity and oneness with nature. With such a staggering number of natural wonders and historic sites, it is only natural that Mazandaran tours should claim a considerable share in Iran’s tourism industry. Besides Badab-e Surt, two of the most visited spots in Mazandaran’s tourist attractions are Ramsar Palace and Shahandasht Waterfall. The former used to be the favorite vacation spot of the royalty before the Iranian revolution of 1979 and the latter is one of the many stunning natural spectacles in Mazandaran. By visiting Ramsar Palace and the unparalleled luxury of its collections of ivory statues and royal furniture, you will get a more accurate picture of the state of affair in Iran before the revolution. Mazandaran’s countless tourist spots are scattered all through its cities and villages. Thus, if you are looking for accommodation, first you should determine where exactly you are planning to spend the night. Mazandaran’s hotels are very popular, so be sure to book your rooms online before embarking on your journey.

Badab Soort Natural Springs


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Schauwecker on 3/8/2018
we want to visit the Badfab Soort in the evening and in the morning. We would like to travel by train from Tehran to Sari and stay overnight in Orost village and drive back to Tehran the next day with a car and driver. Is there a way for you to organize this tour? We are two people. How much would it cost to stay over night in Orost? Best regards, Johanna

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Dear Johanna Schauwecker

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